SGL tour to Malaysia - 17th November 2007

KL Challenge Trophy

SGL Men's team went on tour to KL on 17th November 2007 to play in the very first KL Challenge Trophy.  Malaysia and Thailand were also at the competition. There were three games which after a shock loss to Malaysia, we beat a game Thailand team, and beat Malaysia whilst playing with the Thailand Barbarians. The end result was SGL were the tournament winners on points difference. Everyone contributed to a great weekend and there were notable contributions from:
Gary O C: was a little worse for wear on the bus trip up claiming the Subway lunch pack was the culprit and was nothing to do with the 17 ciders he had on Fridayriday night.
Brendan Wisely: felt the Beach Club was not exciting so decided to have a little nap there beside the dance floor at 3 in the morning
Peter Ryan: managed to climb all of 8 inches to fetch a high ball in one of the games. Mentioned he has not jumped that high since his teens.
Liam McCance: some people were not sure whether Liam was in fact on the tour as he arrived at half time in the first game after leaving Singapore 3 hrs earlier and was back in Singapore on Sunday before some people had woken up.
Paul Prendergast: managed beautifully the bus driver to make sure we got back 10 minutes early.
Graham Dowd: as team captain for the day lead by example in damaging the cup 2 seconds after been presented with it.
Joe Lynch: was flying after eights weeks of climate training in Clare
Cahir O Neill: showed attention to detail by forgetting his passport and irking people who showed up 30 minutes late anyway
Gareth O Brien: insisted on having a 2nd Link Charter in “what happens on tour stays on tour”. Needless to say Gareth did not have to worry. 
Eoin Duggan did a great job in organizing the event and making sure we were looked after. Roll on February where the plan is to go on tour to Bangkok.   

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