Social @ Molly's

9th June 2007


With 2 weeks to go to the Games, a Club-bonding night was deemed ESSENTIAL... The Ladies kicked off the night in style with Pizza and Champers in Coach Carmody's gaff.  We celebrated the birthday's of our American starlets, Jamie "Mav" Morrisroe and Tai "the goalie" Matla.  There was cake, which is always good.  :)

With the Champers and spirits polished off in record time, the Ladies boarded a bus chartered to fetch them to Molly's lest they stay all night with the Carmody's, and leave the lads alone in the pub.  Never!

Meanwhile, upstairs in Townhouse, the St. Pat's Society Bloomsday celebration was ongoing with the Gaelic Lions extending an invite to the St. Pat's society to join them downstairs in Molly's.  The volume of the Ladies entrance to Molly's may have disuaded some of their members, but it was great to see some of their members joining the craic.

A wild night, as ever, ensued.

Coaches Rahill, Carmody & McSwiney might have been sorry for allowing us out so close to the games -  - but it was all in the name of Club Bonding afterall....


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