Gaelic Lions trip to Sibu, Malaysia

29th June 2007


So, after all the very long and hectic weeks leading up to the Asian Gaelic Games, and the weekend itself - we thought, what better way to kick back and relax, than a trip to Sibu???  Note lovely beachy, relaxing pictures below...

Of course, what happens when you but circa 30 paddies on a tropical island with a bar and eh, a beach, and not much else.... well, whatever it is, it isn't relaxing!!

The weekend kicked off with some boisterous bus journeys over the Woodlands link, with Gillian and Mr. Sean providing most of the on board entertainment in the form of Power Ballads (you can't beat a good power ballad) and by the time we arrived in Sibu via speedboat, it is fair to say that many of the Lions and Lionesses had seen better days!  Not ones to let that stop us, our guest of honour, the Toucan, was ensconsed behind the bar - and the weekend's festivities began.

A late night ensued, with a few of our members, who had the previous weekend proved lightning fast on the field, proved their salt with some late night/early morning swimming.  The following morning / afternoon dawned bright and sunny and the Lions and Lionesses decided to lash into the Volleyball.

The aforementioned fitness, speed and dexterity on display at the Games was less than evident on the Volleyball court it has to be said.  Not to worry - after late afternoon swimming (to the blue boat and back), we settled down before the bonfire and BBQ and proceeded to aforesaid relaxing...

A very long, very funny night ensued.  Being a bit hazy on the details - we are relying on the Pictures to remind us of most of it....

All in, a great weekend, definately one to be repeated.... 2008 anyone?




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