10 Tips for 1st Aid

1.  Only provide First Aid for things you are trained for.  You are not a Doctor, and you are not expected to be one.

2.  DON’T PANIC:  you need to keep everyone calm, especially the casualty.

3.  Keep it simple:  even if its just calling the Ambulance and re-assuring the casualty – this is better than nothing.

4.  If the patient is conscious do the following:

  • Stop: calm the casualty
  • Ask: what happened, how did it happen?
  • Look: observe site of injury – cut, swelling etc.
  • Touch: use sterile gloves if possible, especially if skin pierced.

5.  If patient is unresponsive, ALWAYS call the Ambulance – 995.  Must give exact location of casualty.

6.  While waiting for an Ambulance, check:

  • Airways – make sure they are not obstructred
  • Breathing – check for breath sounds
  • Circulation – check pulse

7.  Use AED if you are comfortable using it.

8.  Begin CPR if appropriate – as per your training.

9.  NEVER move a casualty with Neck injury – may cause severe spinal injury.

10. All head injuries should report to Hospital