Checklist for Games

Checklist for Competitive Games

Responsibility:  Assigned First Aider / H&S Officer*

This is a check list of the items that must be organised & checked prior to and during a competitive event organised by the club (eg. Bill Niko Cup, Blitzes & Challenge Matches).  Where an event is not organised by the club – the H&S officer should check each of the below items with the organiser.


Pre-Event Status
Book Ambulance for pitch side coverage (contact details below)
Ensure a Sports First Aider (physio/doctor/experienced first aider) has been hired for the event
Ensure adequate water & ice has been ordered for the players
Day of Event Status
Ensure AED & First Aid kit are present
Ensure Sports First Aider is present and give them the First Aid kit
Ensure Ambulance present
Ensure adequate water & ice for players is present
Co-ordinate logistics for injured player if taken to hospital (e.g. collect belongings, car etc.)
Store First Aid kit & AED securely after event completion.


Hope Ambulance: