First Aid @ NUS Track

First Aid @ NUS Athletics Track

Responsibility:  Assigned First Aider(s)



NUS Campus Athletics Track

469 Bukit Timah Road




  • Please make sure your phone is charged and easily available.
  • Please make sure you have the emergency number – 995 – saved in your phone
  • Please make sure you have the number for the SBE Booking office – 6468 8393 – saved in your phone.  That is the location of the nearest AED.  They will bring it to the track in 1-2 mins.
  • Make sure the First Aid kit is available.

In case of Emergency:

  1. If there is a casualty with suspected cardiac problems we need to call the ambulance on 995.
  2. Inform them of the location carefully: Address is:  NUS Campus Athletics Track, 469 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, 259756
  3. You should also immediately call the SBE booking office – 6468 8393 – and they will send a trained person to the track with the AED in 1-2 mins. (Note this person is trained to administer AED only)
  4. Send someone to the gates to help direct the Ambulance
  5. Perform CPR until ambulance arrives.

Note:  You can have someone else perform steps 1-4 until while you attend to the casualty.