First Aid @ Turf City

First Aid @ Turf City

Responsibility:  Assigned First Aider(s)



Centaurs Pitch (for Cubs)

Indoor Pitches (for Hurlers)

Turf City

Off Turf Club Road


  • Please make sure your phone is charged and easily available.
  • Please make sure you have the emergency number – 995 – saved in your phone
  • Make sure the First Aid kit is available.

In case of Emergency:

  1. If there is a casualty with suspected cardiac problems we need to call the ambulance on 995.
  2. Inform them of the location carefully: Turf City, Off Turf Club Road.  Be aware of the pitch you are on and know the directions.  Cubs are at Centaurs and Hurlers are at the indoor pitches.
  3. Send 2 people out to the entrance to help direct the Ambulance
  4. If necessary, perform CPR until ambulance arrives.

Note:  You can have someone else perform steps 1-3 until while you attend to the casualty.