Team App

TEAM APP For Singapore Gaelic Lions

How to Download:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on sign up
  3. Fill in details and click submit
  4. You will be sent an email to activate your account
  5. Confirm registration in the email
  6. Log into team app with new credentials
  7. Find the Singapore Gaelic Lions Club and click on Join Club
  8. Select the following 2 access groups – Men’s Football or Lionesses and Players & Officials
  9. Click on Join
  10. Your access will be approved by an admin member
  11. Download the App for your Phone
  12. When you get a notification for a new event or chat room, you have to turn on ‘notifications’ at the top of the screen so that you will get all new alerts for that event or chat room.

• Below is a run through of the selection options that are available for users of the TEAM APP along with brief explanations of what they do.

Find a Team: Used for searching any other teams, shouldn’t be used apart from curiosity as you won’t be able to see much anyway if you’re not a member of another team.
Get the App: For downloading the app onto mobiles
About: Features, How it works, FAQs Section
My Teams: Displays list of Teams that you are a member of
Name: Allows you to edit your own account

Contact us: Details in this form will be sent to all Full Admins of Singapore Gaelic Lions.
Membership: Amending your own membership details and access groups

News – Latest and greatest News events can be put up here – photo plus info – can be sent to all group, Can ‘feature’ them to make them bigger in the list
Events – add events puts them into the calendar, if you click on Calendar View you will see it in there
Click on the feature star and you will see the picture associated with it in a bigger version
You can set location, dates and descriptions in here and can ask for a rsvp and whether anyone is coming with you – you can send reminders then to people who haven’t replied
You can also export a list of people that have replied if necessary.
Player Profiles
Bio – has to have something
Extended Bio – We will set a standard template for this
County, Club, Position, etc.
Admin creates a Chat room – everyone gets a notification that is in the group that you select
• Women’s group
• Men’s Group
• Every player Group
• Committee group
• Admin group
• Etc. etc.

>You can only see the chats then where you are a member of the access group that is associated with them

Photos – only three can be uploaded per photo Group
Social Media – twitter Facebook and website already set up in here
Newsletters – Newsletters added here
Documents – Will add club documents here
• Sponsors – sponsors are in here
• SGL Homepage – Brings you to SGL Website

• Any new members can be approved by the full admin

Notes for updates: You will get a little ‘new’ icon on whatever tab has something added to it in your phone, you may need to refresh it though
You will get a TEAMAPP icon in the menu bar of your phone and if you open that it will tell you what has been updated – however it won’t always bring you to that exact item when you click on it

• For any other FAQs –

When a chat is created for a group u are in u get a notification – at the top of it on the phone u can decide to accept or not the notifications for this