What to expect?

What to expect from your first football session?

Once you’ve made the decision to come to your first session and then procrastinated a few times, the next biggest issue is finding the pitch. Give yourself a bit of extra time, especially if you’re heading down to the Dempsey pitch. It’s at the very end of a small lane.

The road to nowhere.

The road to nowhere.

You’ll arrive a bit harassed after all the extra driving around and wander down to find the squad togging out. If it feels like your first day at school again, don’t worry, the big boys don’t bite. Your Captain will make themselves known to you and do introductions to other players. The Coach will be shouting at everyone to get the boots on and start warming up while the players will be discussing what they got up to last night.

Ladies Warmup

“I’m a Little Tea Pot” is a traditional GAA anthem

The usual format for a football session is warm-up, practice some drills and finish on matches. Those who’ve played in Ireland tend to start off cocky and then the heat bring them in to line. Rugby and soccer players find their skills easily transfer but no experience is necessary to play this game. There is room for every player and every ability.

You will sweat, a lot. Training on the equator is a damp business. Make sure you’ve taken hydration on-board in the hours before training and refer to our health and safety section for tips. There’ll be water breaks throughout but if you need to take a minute as you adjust, that’s encouraged. Safety first!

Each session lasts about two hours and you’ll finish your first one a bit shell-shocked with all the names and new techniques. You’ll also be exhilarated at having met so many great people who are friendly and welcoming and are as sweaty and tired as you. They remember their first time too.

Mens A Semi Finalists 2012

Group Hugs


What to bring

• Water bottle
• Bug Spray
• Sunscreen
• Football boots or Trainers
• Sport wear
• Sports towel
• Positive attitude!